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Thinking about moving abroad? I was born in Switzerland and settled down in UK nearly three years ago. I got my first job and moved in my first flat within just over a year. There have been quite a few steps for me to take in order to achieve this; this is my experience as an expat, share yours with us here!

27 June 2006

"End of the dream" for the Swiss in the World Cup

A quick note to mark the "end of the dream" for Switzerland in the World Cup; too bad the English commentators on the BBC made it even harder to swallow with unjustified and stereotyped comments! There really was no need for such arrogance... Comments such as "even neutral on the pitch" are appalling and particularly tasteless.

I have to say I am very disappointed with such a display of self-consciousness and unimaginative try for humour from people who express themselves on a national and international channel; media professionals tend to slag off the rest of the world on a regular basis recently.
Some respect and fair-play for "the Foreigners" would be very much appreciated in the future.


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